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Commission- Gyanko in Bloom by Axel Rosered
Okay, I really don't post much art. (In fact, I have never posted art). There is a reason, but it is mostly that I can't draw worth a damn. I can write a bit, but most of my writing is for my novels which have nothing to do with my pervy side except I sneak a couple of pregnant women into scenes just because. However, I've desired more Gyanko (Karouko Sazaki) pregnancy artwork. Why?

Who knows other than she was probably the first anime girl that I really wanted to be real. Sure I have an odd desire for Asuka Langely Soyru from Neon Genesis Evangelion, but that has more to do with an unfulfilled crush from my childhood that Asuka reminds me of.  Gyanko was different in that she had a bit of whimsy to her; she not particularly cruel or mean, she just is a bit obsessed like her whole family with the Gyan mobile suit and its pilot M'Quve. She also has a bit of elegance to her as well as girly, but again, she likes Gundam in a series where people build gunpla (Gundam series models) and battle them in arenas for fun and profit.

Gundam Build Fighters including its sequel Try is basically just a fun series which can best be described as Pokemon Gundam in the sense that it aims to get the kids into building gunpla. It is also Valhalla for several characters from the Gundam Metaseries; if you watch it, you'll understand.

Anyhow, :iconaxel-rosered: basically created the pin up rather quickly. And he honestly did a bang up job. He even aged her up a bit. Karokuo Sazaki aka Gyanko belongs to Sunrise, a subsidiary of Bandai-Namco Holdings. Art again was by Axel Rosered as a commission by me. I own nothing really in the grand scheme of things.


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